Sometimes we show up on Instagram location search, sometimes we don't... thankfully it doesn't stop cool peeps from posting! Go check out all the pics from @dashdashcocktails who wrote this: "All these cocktails are from @curenola #NOLA. They are a newer bar and are not showing up in Instagram's location search. Now for the the drinks! 1#(:2VgCV6VvBf6VB&vCbR7Bv&B.(:2V6VvBf6VBrf&FbW6Bf6VBF22FR&W7Bf&FBFR6RbW6v2W&fV7B&6RvFFRvfRbFRFWVBv6wBF7vVWBƖR7BW6Bf6VG2>(:2bR7Bv&BR&&&ǒwVW76VBB'WBF2f&F2FRvFbRw&VV6'G&WW6Sv6V2B2&VVvVBvW"VFBw2$W6WFVVVB"vRbR2rG2vbRfRW&fV7B7Bv&BF22W6WFfW'6FRbRFG2W7B&BbBWG&W"b6WGN(:2VgCb&VB&vCv7G2bגƖfR^2 Half Baked: a quality variation of a Jack Rose. 6️⃣ Ghosts of my Life: Way better than the average Negroni variation. The star ingredient was definitely the Amaro Sfumato Rubarbaro.#